Displaying posters, selling books, and exhibiting

If you are interested in displaying materials, selling your books, or exhibiting of any kind, please read the info below and fill out the form linked at the bottom of the page.


Tables (which are six feet long) will be available for you to showcase your materials throughout the duration of the conference. Space is limited, so you may share a table with another exhibitor. Participants must also be registered to attend the conference; however there is no extra cost to participate in the fair.

Fair participants will be responsible for staffing tables and for securing valuable items during conference hours and after hours. We will have a room available in which participants may store their materials, but it is not secure.

Poster Presentations

Poster presenters should not fill out the form below.  We accept posters during the call for presentations only.  Posters will be displayed on a free-standing bulletin board approximately 43 inches tall x 67 inches wide (109×170 cm).  These boards are magnetic, and magnets will be supplied.

There is no set time for poster presenters to be with their poster; they will be available throughout the conference.


Our bookseller will have its own table and is planning to have presenters’ publications available there.

If your publication is available through a mainstream publisher, our bookseller can seek to have them on hand for the conference (don’t wait to submit the form below: it takes time for them to receive books).  Presenters with books do not have to submit the form below, as we will be giving your name to our bookseller so they can have your books on hand.

If your work is self-published or is a print-on-demand title, you must ship copies to us or bring them with you.  In that case you can arrange for on-the-spot consignment with our bookseller, or you may reserve a table and sell the books yourself. When you arrive at the conference, see the bookseller’s table to arrange for your on-the-spot consignment if that is your wish.  The bookseller’s fee will be 40% of the sale price.

Shipping your materials

You can ship materials (e.g. posters, pamphlets, flyers, self-published works) to us at:

The Examined Life Conference
c/o David Etler
1191 MERF
Iowa City, IA 52242-2600

Contact Dave Etler with your questions, at david-etler@uiowa.edu or 319.335.8058.

Neither the organizers of the conference, nor the University of Iowa, nor the College of Medicine will be responsible for the condition of, theft of, damage to, or loss of your materials. Return of your materials to you will be at your own expense and effort; materials left behind after the conference will not be kept.

Register your exhibit

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