App instructions for Presenters

Hello!  At this time I’d like you to download our conference app and check out how we’ve listed your presentation (for more about the app, see the end of the page).  

Please do the following by Wednesday, 6/22:

  1.  On your mobile device, go to your app store (iOS or Android) and search for “Examined Life Conference” (Installing on an iPad?  Set your app store search criteria for iPhone instead of iPad). Install the app. 
  2. Open the app.  You’ll be prompted to fill out a user profile.  Please do. Ask any co-presenters to do the same.
  3. Click the menu icon (top left) and choose Program.
  4. Find your presentation in the schedule and look it over.  Use the search function (top right).
  5. Proofread the title and description.  Send to me any changes.
  6. Note the date and time, and make sure I properly interpreted your schedule request.
  7. For your listing, I can also include: 
    • Documents pertaining to your presentation: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS or XLSX
  8. Make sure your speakers are listed correctly (NOTE: A speaker’s program listing and a speaker’s user profile are not linked in any way; you and your co-presenters must make a user profile).  For each, I have included all the information I have.  You should also consider sending to me:
    • A photo of the speaker.  120×120 PNG or JPG file.  Strongly recommended.
    • Document pertaining to the speaker.  PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS or XLSX files can be attached.
    • Email
    • Phone
    • LinkedIn web address
    • Facebook web address
    • Twitter web address
    • Google+ web address

Help us test out the app:

This is the first time we’ve used an app for the conference.  We think it’s pretty cool, but please put it through its paces, and let us know if anything is not set up right or is confusing.  Here are some things to try:

  • Add my or Jason’s contact info to your address book.
    • Looking at a person’s profile in People, swipe right.
  • Post something to the Activity Stream about how excited you are to be coming (or whatever).
    • From the Activity Stream, click the pencil to send a public message to all attendees.
    • Before you send your Activity Stream message, click the social network icons to enable sharing there. 
  • Check out the Rooms or Iowa City Map.
  • Send me or Jason a private message (your feedback on the app, for instance).
    • Click on People in the menu to find us.

About the app:

The app will do a few things for both attendees and organizers.  

  • Notifications: Allows for great communication between between us conference organizers and attendees.  For instance, in the event that a room changes, we can tell you all about it immediately as well as update the program.
  • Messaging: Helps attendees communicate with each other.  You don’t need to know someone’s cell number to see if they want to meet for dinner.  You can message them with the app. 
  • Social: Have some fun.  You can post your thoughts on a session, ask everyone a question, or a photo of you and your colleagues. You can even post these things simultaneously to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Up-to-date attendee list: If you meet someone you want to get in touch with later, their user profile with contact info is in the app, and you can add them to your own address book.
  • Saves money: Keeps the cost of attendance low, because it saves The Examined Life time and money.  Printing and assembly of packets is kept to a minimum.  It’s all in the app, and kept up-to-date, minute by minute.
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