Call for 2022 Conference Presentations is OPEN!

A Houston medical student in July 2020 David J. Phillip/AP

In a January 2021 op-ed for USA Today, David Skorton and Lisa Howley of the Association of American Medical Colleges wrote, “In addressing contemporary issues [in medicine], society needs the work of scientists and health professionals to be informed by, and infused with, a wide range of human insight, experience and values. We need not just science but also the arts and humanities — and a union between them.”

The last several years have been consequential, from social justice movements to COVID to shifting and complex political landscapes. The Examined Life Conference in 2022 seeks proposals for sessions that address urgent questions like these:

  • From your perspective and experiences, both personal and professional, how have these years impacted the role and obligations of the humanities in medical education and healthcare?
  • What are the curricular, reflective, craft, equity or other imperatives or opportunities for the work of health humanities folks? 
  • How do you envision the future of the humanities in medical education and healthcare?
  • How can the humanities address the dire need for decolonization and justice in healthcare?
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