2024 Conference Update & Changes

First, we want to wish you a Happy New Year! Then we wanted to provide an update on The Examined Life Conference 2024. You can expect a call for proposals this coming April with the conference to be held on October 18, 2024.  

As we have taken the past year to reflect on the goals of this conference, we are renewing our focus on medical students and the connections between the humanities, arts, and medical education. This focus means there will be a few changes to the structure of the conference: 

  • Conference registration will be at no cost for medical students to attend. We want this conference to be an opportunity for medical students to gather and share ideas without adding to the cost of attending medical school. 
  • The conference will take place over a shorter time period, again to make it easier for students to attend without having to commit to multiple weekdays.   
  • Finally, the call and audience will be more focused on medical students, with an emphasis on student research and student work in the medical humanities.  

We look forward to thinking alongside and with medical students this coming fall and beyond.  


Katie Priske,
Conference Director

Dave Etler
Conference Coordinator  

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